What does the Lake Eufaula Association do?


The Lake Eufaula Association’s objective is to attract tourists to Lake Eufaula. We concentrate on marketing the lake and its entire surrounding area as a whole, contributing additional traffic and retail dollars to the area. Simply put, we promote tourism to Lake Eufaula and promote local businesses to tourist who visit Lake Eufaula. 

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The purpose of the Lake Eufaula Association, Inc. shall be to unite the citizens and business interest of the Lake Eufaula area in order to educate general public to the need for tourism in the area and for
the improvement of the general economy.


About LEA

The Lake Eufaula Association was founded with the purpose of promoting tourism to Lake Eufaula and the surrounding region including 5 counties, McIntosh, Haskell, Pittsburg, Okmulgee, and Muskogee. The association also provides travel information to tourists visiting Lake Eufaula. Our goal is to advance and improve economic growth in the Lake Eufaula area. Tourism is the number one industry for the Lake Eufaula area. Every time a visitor spends money in your town, they also pay taxes. Those tax dollars do not come from us, the residents, but contribute directly to our schools, help expand our roads, and provide services like police, fire, and rescue. LEA promotes attractions, events, and activities that will increase tourism. LEA builds partnerships with individuals, businesses, organizations, and government entities and is dedicated to working with all who support the vitality of the Lake Eufaula region. LEA is a member of the Oklahoma Lakes and Countries Association and partners with the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department to increase tourism to Oklahoma. The Lake Eufaula Association utilizes a variety of marketing methods to promote tourism throughout the region. Annual membership in the organization delivers increased visibility for your community, business, or event. Our members are vital to our existence, we offer family, business, and corporate memberships with varying benefits at each level. Our marketing efforts include our website VisitLakeEufaula.com, social media, Travel Shows and Expos, the Corps Camper publication, and 80,000 full-color copies of the Lake Eufaula Travel Guide that is distributed all over the nation through Tourist Information Centers, Expos, Literature Distribution Programs, local businesses, and through OKTravel.com. The LEA office also serves as the local tourism information center promoting all aspects of Lake Eufaula. Get involved with the Lake Eufaula Association by becoming a member, volunteering, or participating in the Golden Eagle Poker Run. Stop by our office at 701 S. Main Street or call us at 918-689-7751 for more information. 

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